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Thursday, August 18, 2005

one row at a time

So, does Millie (getting tired of typing MiL's sweater) looke any bigger to you? It feels like I'm hardly knitting at all the last couple of days. I napped on the ride home last night after a few rows (I could hardly keep my eyes open) and was mushed this morning again so took another nap. I did knit watching TV last night, but I was only in front of the tube for an hour. Good news is, I've got a stitching lunch planned for today, so that's an hour. I also figure I'll be so wound up going home with the anticipation of my sister visiting, that I'll be flying through the rows.

Still haven't told hubby about the last stashquisitions. Bad Netter.

1 comment:

Lauren said...

Sometimes straight stockinette can feel that way... I assure you that you are making progress!

A stitching lunch? that sounds like a blast! Have fun!