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Monday, August 08, 2005

new project insomnia

I didn't sleep well this weekend. My sister's birthday on Saturday guilted me into starting a new project. In the past, she's pointed out a poncho from the Patternworks catalog that she really liked. Since I'm not stashing, I couldn't get the pattern or yarn to make the exact thing. But, I did have the Gedifra Cicco I bought last year to make a couple more Paris Loops. Onto the needles it went. I'm into the third ball and making it up as I go. It's got a bit of an oversized turtleneck. I'm going to knit through all four balls of the pink for the body and then add a ball of blue in garter stitch along the bottom for a border. I've got no idea how it's going to look when I take it off the needles. I sure hope she likes it. Of course, it's taking a lot longer than I thought when I cast on Friday night. But, I've worked through nearly 3 balls so far. I find myself thinking, just one more row and then staying up way too late. I'm affectionately calling it Lumpy.

I think Molly took Manolo's no poncho pledge. Yesterday, Hubby was golfing with some buddies and Billy and I were doing the laundry (this consisted of me carrying him and a basket of clothes to the basement, thank heaven for those one-arm, hip-hugger baskets) and I forgot to put the gate up at the bottom of the stairs on the main level. Of course, there were five balls of Cicco in open bags on the floor of the guest room, and of course Molly found that room most interesting. The mess was a bit condensed by the boy when he wandered into the room, but otherwise this is all Molly's handiwork. I think I'll be spending some quality time with the ball winder tonight fixing this mess (especially since I'll need another ball of the pink soon).

Billy was a bit of a pill this weekend. He didn't get a nap on Saturday. For some reason, he didn't want to sleep at the beach. Yes, we made it down to Asbury Saturday morning. It was great, except for the jelly-fish larvae or whatever those things were floating in the water. Oh, and those crab-shaped, spidery bugs that wound up in my swimsuit. There were 2 dozen on the floor of the tub when I showered. Eww. But, the weather was perfect, just enough clouds and a constant Northerly breeze. Asbury's really starting to pick it up. We couldn't get over the number of people. So far, Billy's not a huge fan of the ocean (he doesn't have a choice, he will like it someday). He also doesn't really like sand. But, hanging out on the blanket, playing with a bucket of water was fun. I got a little sunburned, but Hubby and Billy turned out okay. Can't wait to go again (when the jelly fish go away). We're thinking of taking a week in Wildwood next summer as our family vacation. I think more exposure will help him and having a room close by will mean better napping.

So, I was right. I had a great excuse for yarn purchasing on Friday. Got a call from the hubby this morning. So, he says, what's this Herrschner's purchase. Oh, I say, I'm making your mom a sweater for her birthday and since it was so cheap I got some for me too, ha ha. Cool, he says, will you have enough time. And so on.... I even told him I'd found some buttons I liked on eBay. Time to go make that purchase!

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