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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Lumpy and Me

I spent two plus hours last night fixing Molly's mess. I only had to break the yarn on one ball. It had looped on itself and knotted and the consistency of this yarn can make it hard to get knots out. I was going to just untangle the two pink balls and one blue ball I needed, but couldn't stop myself. Then it was bedtime.

Not much knitting on Lumpy. I did finish up the second ball of pink on the way home last night. I had so much time left, I ran some left-over blue through the live stitches to try it on. It should be a good length, it's a bit ruffly after the last set of increases, but I think it will look good. This morning was spent putting it back on the needles. Whoo boy. I'm never doing that again with this thick 'n' thin yarn. I will get plenty of knitting done tonight watching RockStar:INXS. Love the performance show!

Hubby had to re-assure me last night that he wasn't upset about the Herrschner's purchase when he called me yesterday morning. He just wanted to encourage me to use the check card instead of the credit card in the future. I just need to confirm that we have the cash flow. Is this really my husband? After my last yarn binge, I thought he was going to burst a blood vessel he was so upset. Oh well, I guess the tactic of saying it's for his Mommy worked!

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Yarngirl said...

glad the lumpy was de-knotted. Hey, I see a new avenue to go down - a scarf for your MIL, yarn for you. Socks for your FIL, yarn for you. How can he get mad???