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Friday, August 12, 2005

Lumpy Friday

Lumpy's not finished yet. I know, this guy doesn't know when to leave. Actually, I had to ask him to stay. See, he's not tall enough. He's got to grow some more. I started a second ball of blue on the border this morning. Hope to finish soon.

I got my Herrschner's package last night. Ooh, pretty. The blue's a little more "faded-denim" than I was expecting, but it's pretty. Hubby even liked it when I showed him this morning. I really do like the cream. I'm going to love that sweater when it's done. I hope to start knitting tonight. I made a copy of the pattern and it's sitting patiently. I'll have to dig out needles. I need 5s and 7s. Oh, and stitch markers. I think I may whip out a matching set just for these sweaters.

In other news, my kid is perfect. Well, his pediatrician said so. He's at the 90th percentile for weight and 95th for height. Yep, he's the size of a kid a year older than him! Appearantly, we need to stock up on 3Ts for long-sleeves and pants. Oh my. He didn't even cry when he got his shot. But, she is concerned that his vocabulary is small and that he's not putting words together yet. We go back in two months and if there's not enough improvement, off to speech therapy we go. Since he loves his Baby Newton video, I'm getting him this one. Can't hurt.

Hubby and I have date night tomorrow. The in-laws volunteered to Billy-sit. We're doing dinner and a movie. I can't wait. (I'm glad Hubby's picked a restaurant a couple of towns south of us, more knitting time! Not to mention, the food's really good.)

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