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Monday, August 15, 2005

So, I'm sure you've heard that it's been hot. I barely left the house all weekend. If it wasn't for date night Saturday and church yesterday, I wouldn't have left at all. Although, Sat morning while Hubby was freaking out about the downstairs air conditioner kicking it again (just the overload switch in the plug), a nice little trip out sounded good.

I finished up Lumpy on Friday night. It's pretty cute. Not quite what I was aiming for. Next time I'll do fewer decreases and start with fewer stitches for the turtleneck (which isn't a turtleneck right now). I'll try to get some pics later this week. It was way too hot to wear wool in our sauna of a bathroom (best lighting and mirror combo).

I started swatching for MIL's birthday sweater Saturday. Spot on with 8s. I cast on after the movie (Bad News Bears per hubby's request, it was okay, I have to agree with this assesment of Billy Bob, though). I'm now two balls in and getting a little bored. But, I will persevere. Unfortunately, I have to tidy up for my lil sis's visit this weekend. Evening knitting will have to be curtailed a bit. I have to at least get the guest bed cleared of all the clean clothes!

I don't think Nona would approve of this project bag, but MIL is great for recycling plastic bags and it was right at hand and it has a drawstring to keep babies and puppies out.

So far the sirenetta is less soft than I was expecting. But, I think it will be wonderful after a wash.

In a last-minute Friday Frenzy, I bid on a bunch of yarn on eBay. I was hoping I'd
lose. And I did lose one of the three auctions. However, this and this are now mine. The capricorne is definitely going to be for me. The other will be for me and my mom. Mom's getting a birthday sweater out of Rowan DK soft. Just have to find a pattern now. Shouldn't be hard. Lots of DK stuff out there.

In other news, I finally boxed up the gifts for my friend having a baby. Yesterday was her due date. She's had some early signs of labor, but he's not here yet. I'll ge the box out in the mail. In with the onesies, sleepers, and outfit I bought, I included a crocheted baby blanket. I had started this for Billy, back when I first found out I was pregnant. I wound up not really liking the color combinations (although the Fiesta is a very soft acrylic) and didn't weave in the ends until last night. So, of to LI it goes for my friends little boy.

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