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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Mondo, huge, ginormous, insane idea

So, Herrschner's has Lana Grossa Lambswool on sale this week. $2.97 for 174 yards. Lots of colors, though no red, black, or white. I'm thinking I'll get some to knit sweaters for Billy and Hubby. Matching, cable pullovers (these to be exact). My first thought was navy body with red and white trim. Since there's no red and white, I'm going with gray and light teal. I need 34 balls. Is he going to have a fit? Will I be able to finish in time for Christmas? Am I completely insane? (Let's remember that my father's birthday is four days after Christmas and I've started that whole parents birthday sweater tradition.) Well, if they're not done for Christmas, they'll be for later in the winter (or Billy's birthday on Ground Hog's day). I'm going for it. I may just have to skip the Market at Stitches in three weeks! At first, I was thinking I'd do Knicks scarves for them for Christmas, but Hubby's not a scarf guy (I was going to use Marnie's pattern from the new MagKnits, go check it out!).

In other news, here's the start of Fillie. Colors are rather washed out in the flourescent light. I'm digging her so far. Hope she looks good on (I'm usually not flattered by yellow).

She came to work with me today because I want to knit tonight on the way to Green Day and I'm thinking I'll see if I can keep hubby's BBB socks on the DL for a while. The BBB socks are just a swatch right now. But, that's okay. Hubby's gone all day Sunday for his fantasy football draft. I should be able to get a little bit of sock knitting in (I can always plop Billy in front of Baby Einstein for a while, I know I'm a bad mom).

I think I've got my fall knitting determined (this for Mom in the Rowan DK soft, due 10/26), something for my Dad for his birthday (maybe a felted bucket hat?), and the guy's sweaters. I was thinking I might do socks for my sisters for Christmas, but I don't know if I'll fit them in.

Wish me luck, okay?

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