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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

progress, progress, progress

I have made great progress on MiL's sweater since yesterday, even though I only got to knit one lousy row this morning. The 113X is so schizophrenic lately. Half the week, I'm riding a half-empty bus, the other half we are packed in like sardines. Today we were sardines. I napped.

Here is MiL's 60th Birthday sweater. See, inches and inches past the armholes. I only have about 9 inches to go on the body. I should be able to get the body done this week. That leaves the sleeves and the neckline and front bands.

I knit on the bus home, of course, in the car on the way to parents' night, on the way to dinner, after dinner watching the Yankees lose in 11 innings, and during RockStar:INXS. Straight, no shaping, stockinette is great for TV knitting. And I don't have to worry about mis-counting!

Parents night was fine. We didn't get to meet the lead teacher in his new classroom, but one of the teachers in his current room is moving with him, so that will help. I like that they have more structured activities (he has had most of his biting episodes during free time), and unbelievably, they introduce potty training in April. He'll only be 26 months! It seems a little young to me, but I'm sure they'll take it slowly. Hubby's got dollar signs in his eyes thinking of not buying diapers anymore and the cut in tuition once he's fully trained. I asked about language in the curriculum in the new classroom. Everyone re-assured me that our pediatrician's over-reacting to his vocabulary. The education director did say, though, that they make arrangements for the therapists to come right into the building so we wouldn't have to worry about shuttling him. That was a relief.

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