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Friday, August 26, 2005

Trying to not take it personally

So, I got stood up yesterday. I knew one girl might not make it, her mom was in town and she said they might be doing lunch together. Our needlepointer e-mailed to say she'd forgotten her needlepoint and was buried with work. But, our two newest members just got overwhelmed and left me sitting by myself. Poor me. I also realized I'd forgotten to inform a crocheter who was interested. Trying to set up for next week. We'll see.

I did get lots of comments on Millie while I worked her button holes. I finished her up last night. I want to block out the yarn overs on the raglan shaping before I post finished pictures. The little mother of pearl buttons my sister helped me pick out look great. I'm very pleased. Hubby was concerned it would be a little short, but I think it will be fine. It's kind of waist-length. Which is nice over a tucked shirt. And since MiL is slim, she doesn't need to worry about camouflaging like I do. I think the cotton might grow a bit when being worn, too. It's made such nice fabric.

So, we've got a busy weekend planned. Tonight, Hubby and I go to "An Evening with Journey." MiL and FiL will babysit. The tomorrow morning, Billy gets a haircut and MiL and FiL meet us at the house and we all go to the shore. Since MiL's birthday is Tuesday, we're starting the celebration tomorrow and she loves the ocean. Then we're having takeout at our place and an ice cream cake. After Billy goes to sleep, her request is we play games. She loves to play board and card games but FiL's not a big fan. She says it's the best present we can give her. Meanwhile, she's getting Millie and a big surprise from Hubby and FiL that I was just filled in on last night. Seems they're sending her down to AC next month for a concert (FiL will be going with). Too much, she'll say.

Sunday, we're hosting breakfast at church again. I'll have to ask the pastor's wife if she wants us to bring anything to dinner next Friday. She's hosting us and another younger couple with children. (The night after Hubby and I go to see Green Day.)

Whew. I think I'll need a vacation.

I've been wanting to re-start the stalled pair of BMG's footies, but the hank of Koigu I washed is hopelessly tangled. I haven't had the time or patience to ball it up this week. Maybe this weekend. I did bring a ball of Navy Phildar Preface to start a new pair of socks for Hubby. I plan on working on Sonnet this weekend (on the car rides). After that, I'm starting a Millie for myself from the capricorn. Unless something else catches my eye!

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Lauren said...

sorry about the no-go on the group. don't take it personally! you know things can get busy. it happens all of the time with our knit group.

hope you have a nice weekend, Annette!