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Friday, July 29, 2005

Friday and footies

So, since it's all footies all the time here at By Hook or Pointed Stick, I give you an outdoor shot of the 601 footie. I took this last night sitting our front steps waiting for the hubby to get back with Billy so we could go to dinner. No direct sunlight, but natural light. The colors look pretty good from here. I knkow it's a little blurry, but bear with me. $99 EasyShare cameras don't have Macro functions. I worked on sonnet a bit last night. I'm heading into 8.5" of garter stitch. I think I'll go mad! But when that's done, I'm more than half finished. Well, not counting the sleeves.

Hockey is back and we're very happy chez Netter. Tomorrow hubby and I are going to a Devils draft party at the Meadowlands. We're getting free lunch and tickets for a future game. It'll be fun. I may even get my picture taken with a Devils player.

Hockey is one of the things hubby and I first found we had in common. I hadn't gotten into baseball at the time and wasn't really up on the NHL. But, every winter week in high school I was at a hockey game. My HS didn't have football, but we did have hockey. I grew up thisclose to the great North and hockey is like religion. When Hubby started taking me to Devils games, I found the NHL. And the Devils were good. I was there when they won their last Stanley Cup championship in 2003. Talk about delirously happy. Our hockey team was champs and we'd just found out we were pregnant.

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