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Tuesday, July 05, 2005


I forgot to mention my knitting from this weekend. I finished up Dude's vest and it is so sweet, however, it won't fit over his head. Yes, the mommy of a toddler forgot how BIG said toddler's head is. Fortunately, I figure I only have to rip and re-knit the neck ribbing.

I've turned the heel and worked past the gusset on Hubby's sock #2. I did much of that waiting for our table at KJ's in St. Albans on Sunday morning. And waiting for the food to come. I love turning heels. Can't wait to try a different method.

I also started a sleeve for my NBaT. I've just started the shaping, so hopefully, I can get that finished this week and see if it will fit in the hole. I'd love to get her done. Then, it's time to start something else!

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