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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I LoVermont

Anyone else remember that slogan? I remember it on bumper stickers when I was a kid.

We had a good weekend up in ole' Franklin County. We did parades, and bar-be-cues, fireworks, and swimming. All on the smaller side. And I had a maple creemee. MMMMMMMM. Sorry if you think maple-flavored ice cream is gross (that would put you in Hubby's corner), but I got maple in my veins and I'll eat maple butter plain. And maple sugar candy, it's like crack. Billy seemed to enjoy everthing but the pools. He freaked at my uncle's when Hubby and I tried to take him swimming. 80+ water's not quite warm enough. I imagine he'll be like I was soon enough. (And hubby's just nuts, he'll swim in the ocean in May.) The fireworks upset him a smidge, until he learned to anticipate the booms. Then he fell asleep on mommy's shoulder. Awww.

He was charming and everyone loves him and I can't wait to bring him up there next month. I must say, we all started to get a bit cranky toward the end of the visit, but fish and family....

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