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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Lunchtime KIP, second socks, NBaT, gratuitous dog

So, I spent my lunch yesterday in Father Fagan Park, eating a sandwich and then knitting on my sock. I'm about four inches into the foot of the first sock and finally think, gee maybe I ought to check my gauge. Guess what, I'm getting 18 st to 2" while the pattern calls for 14. Oops. Well, I figure I'll check to see if it fits. Nope a bit too tight. Grr. I haven't ripped it yet. I decided to start the second sock on US3s from the outside of the ball. So far, so good. I'm working the heel flap. See:

I'll be lunching in Father Fagan Park again today. It's nice and shady and nearest the cheap deli. And I'll be turning the heel. These footies are going fast. (Shh, don't tell her she's going to have to re-knit the first one.)

Hubby said his socks were really comfortable yesterday, albeit a bit warm. He got many, many compliments. People didn't believe I'd made them. He said he wanted more, blue, black, gray, and argyle. He's requested argyle before and I told him it had to wait until after my intarsia class at Stitches. But, gee this sounds like a call for more sock yarn. And Knitpicks has just rolled out solid colors. Woot!

I finished the neckline on my NBaT and wove in most of the ends. All that's left is setting in the sleeves. I hope to wear her Friday, if it's at all cooler or drier. Of course it's 67 degrees here in my office this morning. She'd fit right in! It's the 90+ outside I'm concerned about.

Here's a pic of our Molly, enjoying the air conditioning in her favorite chair. (Note: the air conditioner is just to her left.)

Don't you just want to kiss that face?


Lauren said...

CUTE! I love dogs :)

Your socks is very pretty!

theartofdistance said...

i got the email from knitpicks about their new sock yarn, and it is taking so much self-restraint not to buy it all!

socks are so much fun!!