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Friday, July 22, 2005

all footies all the time

Here's my finished footie. Hubby thought it looked a little tight, but I like it. I even like my kitchener stitch (performed last night while he was flipping channels).
I've turned the heel on number two and plan on getting through the gusset at lunch. By Monday, I'll have another FO to report.

I tried NBaT on again last night and it's just too big. I overcompensated when up-sizing the pattern. Not sure what I'm going to do now. I can't wear it. I'll have to rip it eventually. I don't know if I'll try another T with the calmer or if I will use it for something else.

While putting the project bag together for my Summerwind Hoodie, I realized that the yarn gauge did not match the pattern gauge. Whoopsie. I kept thinking it was chunkier than it is. It's 3.5-4 st per inch, not the 3 per inch the pattern calls for. I'm thinking it might make a pretty Sonnet.

I'll get started on that this weekend. Hopefully, if I can find knitting time. Hubby's out with the boys tonight (bachelor party for a colleague) and there's a church golf outing tomorrow morning. (I was planning to go, but our babysitter, aka M-I-L, is in upstate NY for a wedding.) Billy and/or Molly tend to want my attention when I'm home alone with them so I might not get too much accomplished.

I'd love to go to the beach this weekend, but I don't know if two adults are enough with a toddler.

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Yarngirl said...

Love the footies! Hey, just dress up like your DH when your home with the baby and the dog, and maybe they won't follow you around so much? My kids will climb right over their father to ask me a question.....What is that about?