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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Harry, heels, NBaT update

So, I finished the Half-Blood Prince last night. Wow, what a read. I must admit I was so sucked in yesterday at lunch that my job performance suffered greatly (read, I was reading at my desk and not working). I cannot wait for number 7. Rowling better get writing! I was a bit stunned by some plot turns, but others weren't too surprising.

Ripped out what I'd done on the heel of my footie last night and re-did it. Amazing how differently things go when you follow the directions! I'm cruising along on the foot. La-di-da stockinette goin' round and round. I wish my DJ were charged. Music makes the stitchin' go faster.

I forgot to mention that I made actual progress on my T this weekend. I finished the second sleeve. Although, it isn't exactly like the first one, I'm pretty pleased. I'm not sure what happened. I was following the first one as a template and I thought I had a bunch of rows left to do when I realized that I was low on stitches and that the sleeve cap was getting kind of tall. So, I held it up to the finished sleeve and realized that I was done. The shapings not exactly the same, but I think it will be forgiven in the seaming. I started the neckline. That was fun. I picked up a bazillion stitches and started working back and forth on a purl row. I turned and knit a row, then got all confused on where the beginning was and realized I hadn't worked down the front of the left-side of the V. I tinked back and have recovered. Need to check the pattern for the height and then finish up. I hope to be able to wear it later this week once the humidity has died down.

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