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Monday, July 18, 2005

sink insanity, footies, parents, Harry Potter

I love my Mom and Dad. I wonder what it would take to get them to move down here. It tickles me to see them with my son. I know how much love being grandparents.

My dad volunteered on Saturday to change the fauce in our kitchen sink. The one we had was corroded and had been leaking under the sink a bit. I had joked about it the last time they were here and when I was out working out Saturday morning, he got to it. By the time I got home, the kitche was already a disaster. It got crazy. They couldn't get the old faucet out, the new faucet had a leak, there were four trips to Home Depot, and my husband lost his mind. But, I've got a great new faucet. My sink looks clean and we all eventually recovered (fortunately Hubby didn't break his hand when punching the basement wall).

I've got a lot more done on my footies. I kind of stalled out Saturday night at the tailgate. The heel's a bit different than the one I worked on Hubby's socks. It needs more attention (and fewer beers) than I could give it at the time. John and John ROCKED by the way. Can't wait to turn the heel and get into some cruisable st st!

I got my Harry Potter. It came a little later Saturday morning that I was expecting. I've not gotten too far (can't be that rude), but I'm well into it now (thanks to a non-knittable seat and a long morning ride in). I'm looking forward to lunch time to read some more. As a matter of fact, I'd rather not work at all!

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Lauren said...

I would love to know your thoughts when you finish the book :) I just finished it this evening...