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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

in case you didn't know, only 3 days...

Sock #2 was completed yesterday during our little lunch s’n’b. It was oohed and ahhed over. Sock #1 is rapidly approaching re-completion. I do need to work in my Kitchener stitch, though. People sure are impressed by socks. This one was a pretty easy pattern. I’m looking forward to making many more with a bit more difficulty.

I greatly enjoyed sitting and stitching. My colleagues have asked me to plan another and I will. I'd love to do it weekly, but would that be too much?

Next sock project will be Bob Marley’s Grandma’s Footies from Mind of Winter. I’ve got 5 skeins of KPPPM I originally bought for a charlotte's web, but think would be better as 5 pairs of footies. I love low socks and I can’t wait. The first pair will be for me, I might share later pairs, if I can trust anyone else to not felt them!

I do so want to finish dude’s vest and the NBaT this week. Hopefully, I can squeeze them in with housework tonight and tomorrow night. My Mom and Dad are coming down from VT on Friday (we’re going to see John Mellencamp and John Fogerty on Saturday). So, I need to clean out the guest room and finish cleaning the bathroom.

Hubby very nicely dropped me at the train station this morning. I had to wait for 2 expresses, but got a seat (finally) on the second one. Hence, more sock progress. Last night I had to also wait for a second bus to get on and get a seat. I refuse to stand both ways in one day.

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Lauren said...

YOu are a concert girl--that sounds like another good one :)

Good luck finished up the vest and the tee!