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Thursday, July 14, 2005

knitter has an FO and gives self Koigu cupcake

I finished the Hubby's socks last night (I was going to get all cutesy and make some reference to the fact that the one I finished second was the first one, but I confused myself). My kitchener stitch looks much better on this one. I printed out the instructions from Knitty's Summer '04 issue and it was crystal clear. Here they are in all their flash-photo glory.I gave them to him, bu the didn't offer to model them. Just said thank you and put them aside. I didn't expect he'd offer his picture for the blog, he's very private. But, I had hoped he'd try them on.

As my reward for finishing the socks, I've put together my project bag for the Bob Marley's Grandma's Footies. This is the koigu I'm using. I had to dig out my swift and ball winder last night, I just couldn't wait. Then I had to make a special socks-only stitch marker (a little green heart on a head pin that I wrapped twice around a US3 DPN and around itself and then trimmed off). Then I couldn't get to sleep. I just laid there thinking about that little Koigu cupcake.

I've worked a bit on my NBaT sleeve and hope to finish the knitting tonight and maybe get them sewn in. I should also be able to finish up Dude's vest (only one more row and cast-off to do). I'm just so excited to get started on new stuff. Must fnish....

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Yarngirl said...

great job on hubby's socks!