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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

toes, stash (again), whine

I'll get the whine out of the way so you can skip down to the OKC. SRO again this morning coming in on the bus. The driver told me he picked up 6 people with train passes. I'm soooo glad NJ Transit decided to cross-honor the rail passes on all buses everyday. I'm never going to get a seat on the way in again.

Okay, getting ready to graft this toe. I finished the second sock's second toe last night watching Rock Star. (So far, a pretty good "reality" show.) I made Hubby try it on. It's a perfect fit, if it doesn't shrink, as Hubby mentioned a few times. Shouldn't be a problem so long as we remember to keep them out of the dryer. I'll be ripping back the first sock's first toe today and hopefully will have an FO report in the next day or so. I'm booting up Nona's grafting tutorial and will use that to guide me through th e process.

As for the stash, I got my Calmer (for $6.50 a ball) last night. Last of the stashquisitions on hand now. It's a nice, deep, brick red, almost a dull barn red. I can't wait to make something with it. It and everything else in the stash (but cotton, we're having a humidity in flux).

Just heard I'm getting a new laptop today. Must go clean out the hard drive on this one.


Yarngirl said...

Just a few bites - mostly from those damn Noseeums - how long before you know you have West Nile?

Lauren said...

That Calmer sounds wonderful--I love the sound of that red. You must have an amazing stash, Annette! You are such an Ebay expert :)

tania said...

okay how in the world did you get calmer at that price?!! nicely done! ^_~