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Thursday, July 28, 2005

close encounters of the K9 kind

So, when hubby drops me off at the train station this morning (I pick up the bus there instead of the stop closer to our house in hopes of getting a seat), we notice that the transit police have a serious presence. As I get into line at the entrance, I see they have a table set up at the stairs to the train platform and are checking bags. No big deal. I boot up Sheryl Crow on the DJ and zone out. Soon, I feel something bumping against my leg. I figure some idiot's not managing his bag well. I hear "I'm sorry" as I look down and there is a very large German Shepherd sniffing my leg. Obviously Molly's scent was very interesting to the working dog. I panicked for a second, then the officer and the K9 moved along and no one searched me for contraband or explosives. I guess the officer can tell the difference between interested sniffing and "hey, this lady's got a bomb" sniffing.

I have worked a few more rounds on the 601 footies. I've extended the cuff a bit, but will start the heel flap at lunch. I left my novel (The Closers by Michael Connelly) at home so I wouldn't read all the way home again (the last two evening commutes have been knit-less). I also made some progress on Sonnet watching TV with the Hubby. I'll be doing the neck decreases on the back soon, then it's 9" of garter stitch to the shoulder shaping on the other side. That's going to be mind-numbing.

Poor Billy is B-Billy Bruised today. Yesterday at daycare, he feel getting into or out of his chair and scraped the side of his face. It looks a little bit better this morning, a lot of the redness and swelling are gone. He didn't look to pretty yesterday. He also bit someone again. I had two incident reports to sign. They're pretty good at our daycare, though. The lead in his classroom called me to let me know right after he fell.

I am totally jonesing for some new yarn. Why, because it's been a month. Seriously, I've got about 7 pairs of sock yarn in my cart at knitpicks and I'm on eBay and throughout the day. Two more months until Stitches. I really need to work through some of the stash in the next two months.

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