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Friday, July 08, 2005

dodged a bullet

Whoo-boy did Hubby and I dodge a bullet of the home-owning variety. Seems the contractor who re-sided our house and replaced our windows was a big fat scam artist. He was arrested on Wednesday and seems to have stolen over half a million dollars. We were the lucky ones, even if the workmanship on our house is pretty shoddy. But, now we know why he hadn't been returning hubby's calls. He was going to skip town. In the past, he'd come up with some interesting excuses for not returning our calls (wife just had a baby--even though he's not married, appendicitis). We started getting really suspicious when hubby tried to go to his office two weeks ago and it was closed up. Now, we're not sure what we're going to do about the places where the siding is buckling. And so much for our 12-year warranty on the work. Phooey.

I am working the toe decreases on sock #2. I made hubby try it on last night. He was a little wary about the dpns (especially since I'd stabbed myself in the stomach the other day. Try not to bend over with a s-i-p in your lap). But, I found I only needed to work a few more rounds before the decreases. I'm not going to decrease to as few stitches as the pattern calls for, I'm going to make the grafted area a little wider. His feet aren't that pointy.

I finished an NBaT sleeve last night. It fits. Once I determined that, I quickly put my first attempt back on the needles and got to work. Soon, soon, soon.

Who knows, next week might be an FO week! I figure I should be able to whip out the revised ribbing on Dude's vest, too. Then, I think I'm going to make this out of my Summerwind, but I think I might pick up stitches and add sleeves. I know, I was going to start Splash, but I desperately want to knit up the Summerwind while it's still Summer.

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