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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Still all footies all the time

Yeah, I know I used that already. I don’t think you can sue me for not being creative on my blog.

I finished the first pair of Bob Marley’s Grandma’s footies. They’re great. I highly recommend the pattern from Mind of Winter. I did e-mail one small error I found, but no big deal.
I’ve started my second pair. I was debating working on some other sock pattern, but decided I need more footies! I’m making this pair from a more muted Koigu, P601 lot 12, but still in golds with some blues, coral and a tinge of lilac. It’s all me baby.
I got a few more inches done on the summer sonnet. I’m sick of all the garter stitch already, but the construction makes it fun. I hope I like this sweater. If not, I may seek a new home for it. I am making it slightly smaller than my actual size, hoping it cuts down on the boxy look. I’ll let you know.

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Lauren said...

Yea for footies! Those are so cute :)