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Friday, July 15, 2005

knitter finds another FO and gives herself a ribbing

Dude's vest is finished. It's way too big for him (although it does fit over his head). But, it's done. I'm pretty happy with it and think this yarn would make a great blanket (especially in stripes). Mayhap when I get my knitting machine up and running....

I nearly, nearly finished the second NBaT sleeve on the bus yesterday. When I took it out at home last night I got a little worried about the shape of it. It just didn't seem quite right. So I held it against the finished sleeve. D'oh! All wrong. I ripped it and started re-knitting it. The notes I took on my final mods were NOT correct so I'm carrying the finished sleeve with me to use as a guide. Shouldn't take too long once I get to it.

I've not been faithful to the finishing, though. Nope. Last night I had to swatch for the BMG footies. Mmmm, koigu. I just love this colorway (I looked at the tag this morning but forgot the number and didn't bring it with me). It's so fruity, so rainbow but harvest. So of course this morning waiting for the bus and on the bus, and waiting for the subway and on the subway, I worked on the first footie. I'm just about to start the heel flap. Picture is from one round earlier. Can't wait!

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theartofdistance said...

the vest looks great! and who could resist that sock yarn?!