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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

sleeve, sock, neckline

Scintillating title, Wednesday would have been just as good.

Anyway, I knit a few rows and got past the first set of decreases on the NBaT sleeve last night watching a mish-mash of poker and Yankees replay. Then I was a Molly pillow. I hope to have a sleeve done this week. I really, really want to start on splash.

A few more inches on the Hubby sock #2. Didn't get a knittable seat yesterday morning and this morning was SRO. Still, the evening commute allows for some knitting around, and around, and around. The rounds are much faster now that I'm no longer ribbing or working the heel. Still, toe seems a long way off.

I ripped out the neck ribbing on Dude's vest this morning (after I had my cereal and while I was waiting for him to wake up). I'm going to make sure the V is big enough for his head and then I'll put in some looser ribbing (pick up more stitches firstly, then use a US5).

I'm a bit bummed. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is being released next Saturday. I pre-ordered with Amazon back in December; so, my copy will be on my doorstep Saturday morning. But, my parents are visiting that weekend and I won't be able to start reading it for a few days. When book 5 was released, I read it in one weekend (nearly one sitting, but it took two days). In the grand scheme of things, I'm happier to have my mom and dad around than to have the book, but it was a bit of a downer when I realized the timing of it this morning.

In other news, my sister had a migraine yesterday and had to go home from work. Yes, the Deso family curse strikes again. My grandmother passed this affliction to most of her 8 children, including my dad who passed it down to 2 of his 3. Sunday, while visiting with Meme and a couple of Uncles and Aunts, we were talking about migraines, symptoms, and frequency. Ironic that she got hit with one yesterday, huh? She says she blames me, but I know she doesn't really.

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Lauren said...

Oh well, we will at least have the book in hand, right? My summer classes will prevent me from reading it right away...