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Thursday, July 21, 2005

bad NBaT, rip a toe, cranky-butt

So, I finished the NBaT last night. You'll notice that she does not appear as an FO. You may also notice that my "finishing pile" is not a "fix-it pile." I am not happy with the sleeves. They're poofy. I'll have to take them out, rip them, re-knit and put them back in. Bummer. Maybe, I'll just take the sleeves out and wear it as a shell. Hmmm.

I was a little over-enthusiastic this morning on the footie. I started the toe a couple of rows too soon. See:

No way three more decrease rows are covering up that much toe. Oh well. I can't complain about having to spend a little more time on it. I'll have a completed footie at some point today and I just started it Tuesday! (Then I get to re-knit the other one. Think I'll just start from what's left of the ball and work directly from the other sock. Both footies are still on the same piece of yarn. I just couldn't bring myself to cut the Koiu until I knew it was going to be enough for both footies.)

Billy was an absolute pill this morning. He woke up early (about 6) after going to bed early (7:30). Which was fine. But, he wanted to be held constantly. Fussed and cried and screamed unless I held him and I couldn't hold him and sit down. Nope hold me standing up was what "uh uh uh uh uh" meant this morning. So, Hubby was all worried that he'd have a repeat of yesterday's dropoff where he was an absolute pill and asked me to come along and help. I did and as soon as we got there, he was in his chair getting ready for breakfast. Not a tear was shed. Except by me when I had to take the third bus in and was late for work.

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