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Monday, June 11, 2007

to the tune of Winnie the Pooh

Billy went Pee
Billy went Pee
Big boy Billy peed on the potty

I think hubby and I were a mite worried that B would stop using the potty all together when we hit the road this weekend. Fears assuaged when he went pee on a strange potty at the half-way mark Friday. Then, he peed at my mom's a few times Saturday (including letting Daddy help him with Mommy nowhere near the potty). Piece de la resistance, he peed at every stop yesterday plus once at mom's. Five pees on the potty. Each time he happily announces "I went pee!"

Still no poops and the pull up still occasionally gets wet. I hope we get an update from school today.

That's not really the highlight of the weekend, I had a lot of fun hanging with my mom and sisters (and their SOs).

I'm glad I got to see my dad, but his situation just depresses the crap out of me. He does nothing but sit in his recliner. He rides a stationary bike or walks on the treadmill for about 15 minutes each day, but this is the man who ran the Boston Marathon, competed in the VT Golden Gloves when I was a kid, kept a vegetable garden bigger than my back yard, barely stopped moving as long as the son was out. It was a gorgeous weekend this weekend and we played outside a lot (even having a bonfire Saturday night), but he step outside more than 10 minutes all weekend.

The killer.... the man who always said sunny days were "golden days" responded to my husband's comment about Sunday being another nice day with it's going to be a nice day with "doesn't really matter."

They're taking him off lyrica and putting him on celexa. Can't happen soon enough. He doesn't think he's depressed (he worries that mom's not handling the situation, but she just started dyeing her hair again), but denial isn't a river in Egypt.

He's got some serious bone deterioration issues in his neck and back that cause excrutiating pain and ridiculous headaches. Just talking too much can cause him a lot of pain, forget moving around. Julie mentioned that anti-depressants are commonly used in low dose in pain management, I need him to get some depression sized doses.

I did find out this weekend that my Meme's (dad's mom) family has a history with depression. Seems dad's meme once pulled a Brittany, chopping off all her scissors with kitchen shears. And Meme's sister is currently deeply depressed. I forgot to thank Meme when I saw her.

Spring Things shawl was bound off on the way home yesterday. Once I find room, I'll block her (pics may be hard to come by, I left my camera in VT).

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Amy Lane said...

I'm sorry about dad...seriously... watching someone so vital lose that part of them... well, it sucks. It sucks large and all you can do about it is count the good days and thank $Deity that you had them... (My grandpa survived two wars as a spy and four plane crashes--it looks like his second brain tumor is gonna do him in, and it hurts like hell to watch it happen.)