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Thursday, June 07, 2007


My 1000 post will be happening soon (this is post 991).

I want to have a contest.

Tell me about your favorite blogs. Who do you have to read everyday and why? Doesn't have to be knitting blogs and it can be someone who's already in my bloglines over there.

Winner gets a $50 gift certificate to Winner will be chosen at random.

Post a comment to this entry or e-mail me at byhookorpointedstick at yahoo dot com.

Contest ends 6/22, by which time I should have posted my 1000 post.


Julie said...

Whip up has often got some fab links to stuff I want to make:
I am continually amazed at what Walter is up to: (I bought one of his free-range pigs last fall, yum!)
I recently discovered the Weekend Whirls which has been very inspiring:
Weirdy Pants often has the funniest stories:
and then there are the friends and local knitters who I try to check out on a daily basis as well.

Congrats in advance on 1000 posts!

kim said...

like every knitter, i read the yarn harlot every day. some of my other favorite knitting blogs include nonaknits because she often posts interesting techniques. in terms of pop culture, i can't go a day without reading "pink is the new blog". i really don't want to be a pop culture junkie, so pink is the new blog allows me to get my quick fix all in one place!

Megan said...

I read Dooce ( and Driving Barefoot ( every day. Dooce cracks me up and one of my closest friends writes driving barefoot - she can often articulate clearly what I can only stutter. I also like to check in on my New England Knits webring neighbors, Knitting & Other Nonsence in Ediths House and NH Knitting Mama. Oooh - and Mind of Winter ( - her knitting is GORGEOUS.

Amy Lane said...

Roxie (at and samurai knitter (on the side) are two of my favorites...I also like Mother of Chaos, and, well, YOU, and Rae and bells... I should probably widen my field a little, but I like having my little circle of blogs and visiting...

Rae said...

Actually, I read the blogs of the people I have come to know -- you, Amy, Bells. I love reading YH, but I don't "know" her like I know others.

Other than that, I post to my online diet group. I've been with that group for about 7 years now!

CONGRATS! on 1000 posts! Glad to celebrate with you!!

thordora said...

If I say you, do I get special treatment? Can i be your Paris? :P

I don't know if there is anyone in particular who is my favorite. Currently though, I'm grooving on:

Bon (
sweet/salty (
Passive Aggressive Notes (

I read so many off my site, thru other sites and feeds that it's hard to narrow. But Bon and Kate have to come first for being Maritimers with me!

Mary G said...

JustmakingitupasIgo is my 'must' read. She's a beautiful writer who struggles with strong issues and training the dog, and both are handled with humour and candour. And she knits.

Christina said...

I have only read knitting blogs, but my favorites include Yours (of course!), The Blue Blog, Knotology, Wendy Knits, January One and the Yarn Harlot. I have many favorites, but these are top on my list. I like blogs that are clean, easy to read and that have lots of pictures.

Chris said...

Congrats on 1000! I read - she's just too funny. is another favorite - she's spinning, knitting and love her sense of humor and soul. And you of course!!

Julie said...

Just a little update- I was so thrilled to win and you can see what I bought here:

Thanks again!