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Friday, June 01, 2007

no potty, I promise

This is the Spring Things shawl as of this morning. Per the pattern, I should be starting the lower border. But, I've decided that since I still have a pretty sizeable ball of yarn I'm going to do 4 repeats of the upper border on this bad boy. Yes, I am consciously choosing to do two more rows with nupps (there are nupps, but you can't see them)! I love the nupps they're pretty, but they can be a b*tch to execute. I can't wait to see what size this is when blocked out. I added a couple extra repeats of the upper pattern as well.

Not that I've really touched it since Wednesday night. I've been reading. I don't think I'll be blocking soon.

Note to self, do not back up a reading of The Road with a viewing of "Children of Men." So very good, but so very bleak, with a hint of hope at the end. Although, when I finished The Road I thought to myself, that's what fatherhood should be.

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Amy Lane said...

What a lovely shawl!!! I didn't make it through Children of Men (not because I didn't like it...I was sick when we rented it, and it was past my bedtime...) so I know what you mean about bleak...