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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Billy says, Happy Flag Day

Mr. B. seems to be backsliding a bit on the potty at home (everyone at school yesterday told Daddy how great he's doing). Methinks his mom needs to ratchet back up the enthusiasm for multiple trips upstairs at home. But, he was very excited to hear that today was Flag Day and insisted on bringing a flag in the car with him.

Here's a tease of the back of bounce. I just realized I missed that partial ball up there. I'm into the third row on the front. We're knitting at lunch so hopefully, I can get the front done today.

My Polaroid still takes pictures, if I use the AF beam to aim. However, it's not fool proof (all the pics I took of Bounce cut off the right side) and I can't adjust any of the settings. But, it's better than nothing until Mom returns my Kodak. I did talk to Polaroid yesterday and it's $80 to get the Polaroid fixed. I'll be sending it out this weekend, after I get paid.

Please do note that if you've knitted scarves for the Red Scarf Project, this year's deadline is in October. The Orphan Foundation will begin accepting scarves September 1 and ask that all scarves be delivered by October 15. They're aiming to send the kids the packages in early winter when a scarf is more useful. They do ask that each knitter send no more than five. I cast on for my first one last night. It's in Patons Classic Merino Red and Filatura di Crosa 501 Tweed in black and white. Pretty nifty looking and perfect for June/July project spectrum (although, it's missing metallics).

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Amy Lane said...

ahhh... charity knitting... I remember when I had time for charity knitting... (now I just make my students do it for me:-)