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Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I've got a new knitting physics problem. It's not that I'm knitting and the piece isn't getting bigger, which is the usually knitting physics problem. Actually, it may not be getting bigger, but I'm not worried about it's current size. It's lace it will block out larger. What I'm concerned about is having leftovers. See, the ball is not getting appreciably smaller. Granted, I've only done two and a half rows since Friday, but still it seems like it's been the same size forever. I just don't want too much leftover and the shawl too small.

Sorry for the itty bitty pic, it's all blogger would let me post (clicking makes it way bigger).


Julie said...

It's a time-loop problem involving parallel universes. Eventually the ball will shrink to nothing overnight, even if you aren't touching it. I'd start the edging now.

(Seriously, edgings do take up way more yarn than you expect them to.)

Rae said...

Hm, that kind of FO is something I've never dealt with. I'd follow Goddess Julie's advice. She's the lace expert, after all.

Still, it can feel painful to get only 2 rows done over that time. Keep plugging!