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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bounced an FO

Whatever could make a child so happy? Could it be his mommy finally finished his baseball sweater?

Yes, she did. And she even let him wear it to school today! Sweater details, Bounce from Miss B's Seaside, knitted in Twilley's Denim Freedom medium blue and ecru. I knitted the largest size and as you can see, B will shortly be outgrowing it. My main mods were the yarns (pattern calls for Rowan Denim) and to duplicate stitch the balls in red, instead of doing them in blue along with the main pieces. Oh, and the underarm gussets, which I neglected to photograph. The width is great, but the kids got a super long torso and arms.

What a good little model. When mommy asked him to show the back of the sweater, he turned right around.

I started this in December, I think. It was mostly knit up in January and lingered forever as I procrastinated the duplicate stitching and end weaving in. It's a great little sweater and I'm sure B will wear it to death. I do need to fix one of the side seams, somehow I cut the yarn without weaving in the end and it's separating. Oopsie!

Thanks for the compliments on the shawl. It was a great knit.


Andrea said...

The sweater looks really cute on him, I hope he gets a few wears out of it before he grows!

Susan said...

I love it! I wonder if that denim yarn can be blocked to a slightly bigger size so that he can wear the sweater into the fall. . . sometimes cottony yarns can do that.

Julie said...

What an awesome sweater! I just love it and the look on his face is adorable- makes it all worthwhile.

Rae said...

WOW! The sweater is stunning, and what a cutie pie model. He wore it to school in this weather?? That's love and admiration for ya!

Have a great weekend.

Amy Lane said...

That is so wonderful--what a beautiful job finishing--he knows how to thank a mommy, doesn't he!