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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

sleevie stitchies

I'd much rather spend my commute actually knitting or crocheting, but I'm making great progress with the duplicate stitching. I figure, I should be done tomorrow. Then I can snip ends (I'm trying to weave in as I go along as much as possible) and finish seaming. The sweater got a great reaction from my knitting group last Thursday. Someone even mentioned wanting an adult size.

Thanks for the positive feedback on the blanket. I really like it, although it doesn't scream "BABY BLANKET" to me. But, if they want generic pastel, they can get it at BabiesRUs. I especially like Amy's suggestion of putting fringe on it instead of weaving in the ends! If I didn't have to do a border (my corners always curl without a border), I'd definitely fringe.

Funny Hubby story. The other day we got a delivery attempt notice from the post office about a confirmation required letter. I was wondering why we were getting a letter from a Costello who needed confirmation of delivery. Hubby freaked out worrying that someone was going to sue us. We couldn't think of any reason we'd be sued (no late payments, no accidents, blah blah blah). So, instead of just leaving the notice for redelivery in two days, he had to be late to work yesterday to go down and pick up the letter. The man is obsessive, especially about anything that could be the list bit negative. Anyway, he gets there at 8:20 thinking the window doesn't open until 8:30, but it's been open since 8. And the letter is from someone within 200 ft of our house who needs a variance to build a front porch. Now, this house is behind a house across the street from us. There is no way we will ever see the porch unless we go up the block and make two right turns.

The irony is, he thought, maybe it was a property thing, but since the closest Costello in the phone book wasn't close (nevermind that you won't find anyone with our last name in our town via the phone book), he assumed it couldn't be that.

This is why Netter rarely gets to freak out about anything. I have to hold him together.


Susan said...

I like those baseballs. I agree with you on the rather be knitting, but on the other hand, if you're stuck with the red yarn and a needle, then you have no choice but to do it, and that works for me.

Rae said...

Better to focus your time on DH's neuroses than on your own. Tee hee hee. ;) I swear, distractions from others keep me sane. Without distractions, I'd be way too much in my head (I'm already way too much in my head as it is).

tania said...

that baseball sweater looks *amazing*!! Love that you never get to freak out too ^_~