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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I just don't knit enough

Seriously, I've been barely touching my knitting the last couple of days. I need to stop acting like I have a life and get back to knitting.

I've planned what I'm taking on the trip to VT this weekend. Billy's bounce for duplicate stitchery (I've got 3 rows of balls done and at least 8 more to do). And the Spring Things Shawl to complete. I'm not bringing anything else.

I do still think about knitting a lot (and sewing). I've got my next couple of projects lined up (M-i-L's birthday CeCe, for late August gifting, and Hubby's Flag sweater, for late January wearing) . I'd like to set a goal of sewing one item a week because my fabric stash has become ridiculous, complexity depending upon time available (ie, weekend plans mean whipping out a simple tote). I actually ordered fabric last week to make Billy a quilt (it should be on my doorstep today).

I desperately need some organization. I'm thinking of taking a day and just overhauling my basement storage area to consolidate the various stashes (under the bed, in the closet, in the office at home and at work) and make the office area where my sewing machine more user friendly (not to mention find room to put in a futon or small sofa bed).

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Amy Lane said...

I always enjoy those's like rediscovering my stash all over again...