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Thursday, June 07, 2007

More potty progress

Because I know you're on pins and needles about my kid using the potty.

Last night after dinner (ribs at Tiffany's mmmmmm), I was getting B's bath ready and he asked to go on the potty. And wanted me to do my silly cheers. When he said he was done, I figured it was another practice run (not hearing any musical tinkling), but low and behold, the water was yellow. So, step two is accomplished. Child has informed parent of need to pee and then peed on the potty. Yippeee! The kid literally glows when I tell him how proud I am of him.

This morning, we didn't quite get the timing right. We had three dry runs and he asked me too late for us to make it upstairs in time. I could tell he'd let go as I was turning to get out of my chair.

The Asst. Director at school says he's working very hard there as well. Little bugger's getting much better at manipulating his clothes, too.

We're getting there with minimal frustration. I think our ordeal last weekend, while not successful, was a bit of a motivating factor.

Again, I didn't knit more than a few rows on the shawl yesterday. I had to do some housework (bane of my existence, I hate it worse than poopy diapers). Hubby's grandparents are up for a visit and they're coming down to the house with the in-laws for dinner. M-i-L is cooking and doing the cleaning up afterwards so I can't really complain, but I did have to make the house presentable last night. I'm still planning on bringing just the shawl and bounce to VT tomorrow.

I can't wait to ask Billy if he wants to go see Nanny and Grampy tomorrow when he wakes up. He's been talking about them and his aunts a lot lately.

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Amy Lane said...

Yay... potty progress!!! Seriously...I'm looking forward for your sake to the time when this is all behind you...and you'll hardly remember it at all:-)