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Monday, June 18, 2007

one foot in two days

So, I started something new this weekend. Some friends of ours are expecting their first child this summer. You may remember me posting a pic of a box of KnitPicks Shine. Here it is crocheted very simply. Hubby thinks it's very sharp. I'm going to add a border of some sort. Part of me wants to put a row of granny squares in the middle (I was going to do a granny square blanket because the mom has a granny square blanket her grandmother made her that's very special to her, but that's way too much work). Or, I may just do my usual crochet shell pattern. Hubby asked why I was crocheting it instead of knitting, and I said because it's faster. I started it Saturday and I've got over a foot done. Which means I'm about a third of the way through the body.

I think Hubby had a pretty good Father's Day weekend, although we got some sad news on Friday night. One of his college friends has recently been diagnosed with testicular cancer. He's out of the hospital (recuperating from surgery I assume) and will be starting his chemo this week. I don't have many details, that's the way the boys operate, generalities not details.

Saturday was a bit brighter. He golfed with his dad, our pastor, and a friend and hit a hole in one! His first. The rec department is going to send him something to commemorate it and put his name up at the course. He downplays it a bit because it's a short course, but, it still required some luck.

He enjoyed his gifts yesterday (a Dwight Schrute bobble head and a remote meat probe thermometer like Alton recommends) and a mellow afternoon at home. His mom made corned beef and homemade cream puffs for dessert. Not to mention, the Yanks took two of three from the Mets.


Andrea said...

That's a really good colour combo in my opinion. Good eye!

thordora said...

I was trying to granny square a baby blanket, but I think I'll frog it and go that way. Easier, if nothing else.

Amy Lane said...

ah...crocheting a baby of my favorite ways to freak out the muggles... (fringe or tassels on the ends might be a way to keep from weaving them in...+ babies like to play with it!) It does look awfully sharp. (Sorry 'bout hubby's hard to talk to men about it...they up and stop talking, even if it would help them feel must really suck to be a man.)