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Monday, June 04, 2007

I'm a proud mommy

So, B's been in pull-ups all day. He had to have his shorts changed at 5 because he leaked. At the diner he asked to go potty and stood there and played with himself standing up in front of the toilet.

We got home after dinner and he was running around grabbing at himself in the groinal area. So, being the astute mommy I am, I asked if he needed to pee. He said yes. So we hurried upstairs and with little fanfare plopped him on the potty seat. He then asked me to do the "Elmo Beach Potty Party" cheer. Just as I was about to start I heard the most amazing sound.

The sound of pee tinkling into the potty. Never such sweet music have I heard (B didn't cry in the delivery room).

My boy peed on the potty. I've never been so proud in my life (well, just when he asks to go visit my parents and grandparents). We made a HUGE deal about. We hugged and kissed and yelled and gave high fives. Hubby ran upstairs to get in on the celebration.

In the tub, after, glowing from our impromtu party, he kept saying "I peed."

I swear he fell asleep saying it, my little man.

(I know it's highly likely things will slide back. It will be fine. The joy will sustain me.)


Rae said...


Victories, even fleeting or small, are things to be celebrated.

Congrats (and Thank God) to the whole family. You can hold onto your sanity a bit longer!!


Adrienne said...

It's amazing how quickly it turns, eh? Just in your darkest potty hours, a wee (pun intended) glimmer.

Congrats, B!

CygKnit said...

That's awesome! I've been following your potty saga, though I had no words of advice for you (I am learning, though!). So glad to hear that he's still on track. Way to go, B!!

Amy Lane said...

HUZZAH!!! He peed, good job B, and GREAT job mom!!!

thordora said...


It will come. I'm sure I was a pain in the ass for potty training. But no one stays in diapers forever on purpose.