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Thursday, June 21, 2007


I'm going to the aquarium on a school field trip tomorrow. In preparation, I dyed my hair last night (the red had gotten way too light for my skin tone and I had really long roots, not to mention some grays popping up) and I've been obsessing about what to wear. The beauty of online friends is that you come into the relationship with shared interests and don't have the opportunity to feel awkward about appearances. (Notice my profile pic doesn't show much of me.) I'm not saying I'm going tomorrow to make friends, but I don't want to be the fat, out-of-date mom who gets her kid ostracized either. (Makes me wonder why I never got the phone number from that mom whose kid asked if B could go over on a playdate.)

Yeah, I know, I should be worried about getting B to wear a blue shirt (all the little ones have to bring personal chaperones and be dressed to match the group) and how I'm going to handle the bus ride.

Tomorrow is also the last day for entering the 1000 posts contests (click the tag for more info if you haven't entered). I've got 8 contestants so far. I'll pick the winner over the weekend and try to get the prize out next week.


Rae said...

Oh Annette, if folks judge you by your size, they really aren't worth talking to. I know that's cliche, and I know that more times than not heavier folks are dismissed because of their size, but !really!. It's nerve-wracking, I know, because I've been there, too. I hate crowds. I like my online friends because the threshold is low and the effort to make small talk and connect isn't so hard. But hang in there and focus on B.

You know, a group of about 8 kids squeal with delight and all call me "MOMMY" when I pick up DD from school. Why? Because I stop and play with them for a good 10 min. I talk to them. I get on their level. We play follow the leader, etc.

The Point? Focus on B and the kids. Have a great time cutting up with him! Let it all go!!

Ruth said...

Oh, I know how that feels. For me it is because I am somewhat socially inept and utterly clueless about all the things that "normal" perky mainstream moms seem to chat about and do. I don't wear enough make-up, or do my nails properly, or ever get my hair just right... I blunder along, and admittedly avoid those occasions more than I ought to. In this case, though, you have the aquarium and B to focus on and just think about having fun.

thordora said...

I'm the fat, weird mom with the terrible potty mouth.

I don't make friends easily, but then I rarely try since the people who don't take the time to actually talk to someone aren't worth knowing.

Amy Lane said...

Okay, thordora can't be the fat, weird mom with the terrible potty mouth because I'M the fat weird mom with the terrible potty mouth...

Seriously--I've been on these things and Rae is right on. Smile at the kids, make them your peer group--they will love you, and the mom's will love you too. I know what it's like to feel large and awkward and completely out of sync with the rest of the world...but your baby thinks you're beautiful, and so you go and do the mom thing and your baby will keep thinking your beautiful, and he's the one that matters.

Netter said...

B made it easy by loving me so much. He's such a great kid. We had a lot of fun!