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Monday, June 04, 2007

A Barry Monday

Wow, it was really pouring a while ago. Glad I get into the office before 8:30 most days (it should really be closer to 8 because I have to leave well before 4:30).

Not too much to report. Billy continued his string of waking up dry (kids got a bladder like a camel which means when he goes, he goes). He was very excited to sit on the potty this morning (he didn't do anything, but he loves the Elmo Beach Party Potty and the cheers and songs we've made up). He's in love with 123 toast (peanut butter with numbers written into it) and had no problems getting out the door for school this morning. Of course, on Monday, he sleeps till after 6:30.

I knit some on mom's ballband dishcloths last night. I should have the final two of her four-piece set to give her this weekend. I find I can make four easily out of 1 ombre and 1 solid skein of sugar and creme cotton. I've got some solid leftover from M-i-L's and mom's so I'm going to make myself some.

I've been futzing around with Hubby's St Andrews Cross sweater (the Scottish National Flag) and I thought I had the design set, but then I realized I was 2'' short. Why does a man who is 5'10'' need a sweater 26'' long? Because if he had proportional legs, my hubby would be well over 6'. Just what a sweater knitter wants, a man with a long torso and long arms.

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Amy Lane said...

I can't wait to see hubby's sweater when done...and as for Lily Sugar N Cream? LOVE that stuff... L.O.V.E. it--I made Ladybug's blanket out of Sugar and Cream, and as a fiber, it is INDESTRUCTIBLE... and pretty to boot...