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Saturday, June 02, 2007

morale is at an all-time low

Anyone want to come potty train my kid? I mean, Hubby and I got the air conditioners in okay by ourselves, but I think this potty training thing is beyond us.

He's had a couple of minor improvements. He's kind of peed on the potty twice and has twice asked to sit on the potty (after he's already wet himself). Considering he refused to even sit on the potty this morning, it's an improvement. But, he's had about six "accidents" and for those of you following along that means I've had to dress my child at least seven times today. We spent 40 minutes tonight trying to find something he'd wear to bed. Normally, he's in bed about eight, tonight he got to bed about five minutes ago (9:15). Granted, we started the whole bedtime process later than normal, but he napped until five. We won't go into why nap was so late (gee, maybe because lunch wasn't until 1 because someone always takes longer to run errands than he thinks he's going to).

So, I'm about at my wits end and I've got another day of this. (I'm trying not to think about what Monday morning is going to be like when I have to send him into school in a pull-up because he's still peeing before he gets on the potty, and we haven't even had a bm today.) I've tried to make this as fun as I can and I've tried to not be angry and get frustrated, but I've about had it. I haven't even done anything fiber-related today. I spent naptime fixing some AV problems caused by other members of this family.

Yes, I'm feeling bitter and resentful and close to tears. But, isn't that what motherhood's all about?

You know what's most ironic. B had a small ball of cotton yarn that I'd wound off trying to fix a mess Molly had made (she still likes to kill yarn balls when she gets a chance). He was wrapping it around the dining room this morning while I finished the paper and he had his first accident. Poor little yarn ball went into the garbage.


Rae said...

I so feel for you. {{{Hang in there!!}}}

Amy Lane said...

I'm sorry darling...have you tried letting him run around naked with the baby pot nearby? (Yes, it sounds very white trash...I'm sorry...) I've had friends who had that work very well... (we've already talked about why it didn't work with T...but I'm thinking that once summer vacay starts, we'll have a go with the Cave Troll...) will happen...and someday, you won't hardly remember it at all...

chris said...

I have two "boys" My first had many false starts with potty training simply because he wasn't ready. I remember discussing it with the doctor and he told me, quite simply - he will train when he's ready and he won't be going to kindergarten in diapers - stop worrying!" And he was right. I know you have the daycare issue looming over your head - but maybe, as in other classroom settings - they should modify his setting and not push him to the next level? (at the sake of pushing the potty training so hard, he resists it even more) Good luck - when it's over, you'll be relieved.

Ruth said...

Naked from the waist down was the only thing that worked for my son - if anything was covering that area, he didn't bother with the potty. And after going through hell with my daughter and finally giving up and letting nature take its course (which it did), I took a pretty hands off approach with my son. They are 4 (DS) and 7 (DD) now, and DD uses pull-ups just at night (she has some other developmental issues though) and DS is 100% diaper free. It will happen - it's just stressful because there is this weird arbitrary 3 yo thing for child care which makes a goodly percentage of us feel inadequate. Hang in there!