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Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Yesterday was all about duplicate stitching B's Bounce. I've completed the back and have about 8 balls to complete on the front and 6 on each sleeve. Since I'm making good progress, I'm going to focus on this for a while. I don't think he'll be able to wear it until Fall (maybe indoors if the air conditioning is too much or evenings down the shore), but it should still fit then. I made the biggest size.

I had a minor bummer on the train to Newark last night. I lost one of the needles that came with my chibi. For some reason I sort of flung it off the yarn. I didn't hear it drop (I had head phones on) so no chance of finding it. I hope someone gives it a good home. I really do find that the slanted tips help a great deal in seeming and the duplicate stitchery.

B's still peeing on the potty for me, although we need to really start working on #2. Yucko.

I'm so proud of myself. He intentionally head butted me in the nose this morning and I barely raised my voice. I just put him in immediate time out and sat and watched the stars until I could focus again. He's really pushing the limits on physical play right now and his empathy isn't quite where it needs to be. So far, he thinks it's funny that he hurts me when he pinches (or head butts). He says he doesn't want to hurt me, but he doesn't grasp that those actions do hurt.

I love having a boy, I always wanted a boy, this is what I get.

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Amy Lane said...

ooooohhhh.... good for you for keeping your temper. I would have screeched like a banshee... and for every kid except the Cave Troll, it would have made them cry...