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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Netter is mean

Last night after we got home from dinner with Hubby's grandparents and parents and B was in bed, I noticed we had two messages on the answering machine.

First message was from Billy's lead teacher. We've had some talks and some notes about the potty training. She suggested buying a reward and placing on the fridge. Which we did, the big orange ball.

So, she wanted to let us know that B's been going on the potty at school and is staying mostly dry for the last three days and she thought he should get the big orange ball (we gave it to him Sunday after 5 pees on the potty). She said we're not trained yet (which I know, still no poops on the potty and he was wet this morning), but we're having success.

I then called down to the basement for Hubby telling him that school had called and that I thought he should come listen to the message. I didn't tell him what it was about. I just kept saying he should listen.

Then he listened. Then he told me I was mean. He thought we were getting bad news. If he'd taken the time to look at my face he would have seen I was trying to not crack up.

I'm so not made for Punk'd.

Second message was a hang up.

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Amy Lane said...

Well you got a call from the teacher... doesn't that always mean you're in trouble?