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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Happy August

August is a very exciting month for us. We have four birthdays this month: my middle sister; Me; my Meme (paternal grandmother); and M-i-L.

B woke up this morning saying his ears hurt and that I needed to take his temchur. 99.4. We have a 2:30 appointment with the doctor. I know common wisdom says you can just let the kids ride out ear infections, but with his history (and my nervous Nellie spouse), off to the doctor we go.

Hubby found himself some clarity yesterday. He did some reading online and low and behold, his wife was right. We need to back off the kid a bit. Now, I need to go take my own advice and find a way to not get so upset. Granted, my mood last night was not helped by seeing B was sitting around in wet shorts for the second time in a week. I swear those afternoon chickies do the absolute minimum. Hubby was going to talk to one of the directors about it.

I'm going to ask the doctor if she has any tips about getting him to go, but we're probably going to try to go with big boy underpants on Saturday. (Rae, Hubby is very good about the laundry.) Consensus is that the pull-ups aren't making him uncomfortable enough (M-i-L dropped off some new DVDs and suggested as well as the suggestions from the comments yesterday).

I know I'm the problem at this point. I get so upset over his accidents and the playing on the potty. I'm sure that's why he's regressing. I realized that I take this all too personally and I have to give him some space and lots of love and support. It was hard to do this morning. It being a pool day and all. I cannot relax when he's walking around in the house in a swimmie diaper.

Oh, look knitting content to distract you from the fact that I'm a horrible mother.
I'm not a terribly awesome knitter either. I had to rip out over an inch and cast on again. Seems if you bother to knit a swatch, and wash it, you should measure the dry swatch. My stitches bloomed so much I lost a 1/2 stitch per inch and the sock would have been nearly an inch too wide.

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Julie said...

Oh, please, you aren't a horrible mother. You CARE. Read that post again. It's all about concern for your kid. That makes you a GOOD PARENT.

Though you may drive yourself insane.

Ask how I know.

Anyway, hang in there, get a grip, and remind yourself that everyone goes bonkers doing potty training. It's like a tradition.