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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Outstanding Day

Just because you've been here listening to me whine about it for weeks, I thought I should tell you right away. When I picked him up this evening, B was in the same shorts and underwear I dressed him in this morning! He stayed dry even through naptime!

Then to top off a great day, he pooped on the potty! He was just about to give up when it happened. (I think watching "Once Upon a Potty" repeatedly, including on the potty today, helped.)

I called my parents right away and he told them "I got poop on potty."

He was so happy to get his reward, a new Gordon for his train set. Multiple hugs and high fives and I still have a smile on my face.

We're getting there!

I'm so totally stoked. I didn't even get mad when the dog, who's been house trained for over four years, peed on my bed!


Amy Lane said...

oh, the irony!!!

thordora said...

When it works it works! Way to go little dude!