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Thursday, August 30, 2007

blah, cranky, blah

That's how I've been the last two days. Damn menstrual cycle. Good news is, I'll be feeling better soon. B will be happy, I'll stop being short with him. (Annoying habit both my boys have, accusing me of yelling when I haven't raised my voice. I may be short or snippy, but do not confuse that tone of voice with yelling, I can yell for them, if they'd like.) Here's M-i-L's CeCe hanging out on my forsythia yesterday afternoon. It's a little more green than it looks here. This particular shade of sage, I have not been able to photograph as anything other than gray, hinting at green. I really love this pattern and will probably knit myself a longer-sleeved version in purple Calmer (but on bamboo needles this time). Calmer is still one of my all-time favorite yarns. I was able to knit this one with just about four balls of yarn. I sure hope it's long enough! I'm pretty sure M-i-L will love it so long as it fits. She's a neutrals kind of gal.

I finished the knee socks last night. They got their bath and are drying. I'll try to get a pic of them on my sis this weekend. If they fit, I'll go ahead and weave in the ends. I hope she likes them. (That's more important than fit in this case. I'll re-knit them if she loves them and they don't fit.)

I did a little housework and tried to get to bed early. (Housework because F-i-L's going to walk the dog and pick up B before we go out for M-i-L's birthday.) I also performed a little experiment. I mentioned a while ago that I'd bought some hook and eye tape for Serrano, but that the yellow was too cool for the sweater. I clipped a portion off last night and soaked it in some Tetley. I haven't held it against the sweater, yet, but it's a much more palatable color. If it works with Koigu in the sweater, I'll soak all of the tap in some tea. If not, I'm buying some RIT.

I need some advice. How does one, at the ripe old age of 35, go about making girlfriends in real life? I want to be a good example for my son of how to have friends and stuff. This has been weighing on my mind a lot lately. Since B doesn't have a lot of family close and I can't guarantee that he's always going to have strong ties to my family far away, I want to make sure he always has a good support system. That means friends. Since I don't really have friends in RL anymore (the people I knew in college that are local to me now, I've grown away from), I need to find away to make some to model that behavior. My mom's always had her sisters and dad's family pretty close by, so her system's family. Dad's got both, but friends he's had since High School or that he grew up in the neighborhood with. I'm friendly with people at work, but not so they'd come over for dinner.

Ha, people over for dinner. I'd be so embarassed if anyone I wasn't related to entered my house. (Tuesday's task is house cleaning. Hubby and I are off, B will be at school.) Then there's the freak with four legs who gets so excited by PEOPLE!!!! that she jumps all over them and gives them bruises.


CygKnit said...

There were a number of us on a message board discussing this recently. Doesn't seem like when you are trying to make a new friend as an adult it's kinda like asking someone out on a date?

Coffee dates are good, though.

Adrienne said...

Coffee is good. So is finding a knitting group. Both are ideal.

CeCe looks awesome.

Amy Lane said...

Knitting groups and reading groups are good... as B gets older and gets involved in sports, you will have an opportunity to make some more friends there...I know I went through a stage where I felt like I knew, like three people, tops, and they were it. When Chicken started soccer (gees, was that really six years ago?) I suddenly found a whole bunch of people who had kids and dealt with the same headaches I did. The kids stayed together for a while, and even last year, when Chicken was on another team, I still stayed in contact. (Don't forget to bring the knitting--it's a good conversation piece.)