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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Promised Heel

Here's the heel for the sock. I'm doing an in-place afterthought, because I felt like it. Actually, I really like the way it looks with the self-striping yarn. I used it on the chevron socks last summer (here and here). The red is holding the live stitches for the top of the foot and the orange is my crochet cast-on (those stitches will become the bottom of the foot). I wish I could remember what proportion of stitches to decrease. Oh well, I'll wing it. Here's the sock from knee to heel. I'd like to have it done by the Friday, since I can't work on it this weekend.
I didn't knit too much last night. I called my parents, read a little, and tied up the recyclables. Fun and exciting, I know.

In Billy news, he was not in big boy underwear at daycare yesterday. They didn't go to the pool and when they changed him out of his pool clothes, they didn't see the underwear I'd packed and they put him in a pull-up. He wasn't too upset about it, but was confused this morning asking first to wear a pull-up and then wanting Sponge Bob underwear. We went with the underwear. No calls yet. We'll see what kind of report I get when I pick him up this evening.

I may not be knitting too much tonight either. I have to call my grandparents about staying with them over Labor Day weekend and I have to start clearing out the guestroom (there's other housework to be done as well this week). Lil' sis is coming down by herself, but that doesn't mean I need to expose her to my utterly slovenly ways.

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