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Friday, August 10, 2007

not so bouncie ball

What do you think? Does my beach ball cake look at all like it's inspiration. I know the difference between the red (which is pinkish IRL) and orange is not visible in the pics, but it was nearly 11 pm and natural light was long gone. Bill thinks it's pretty cool. Look, a beach ball, he said when he opened the fridge.

I did finish the first sock. See? Toe all neatly grafted. I have cast on for sock two and that's about all. After B went to bed I did some laundry, baking (see above), dishes and reading.

I'm not sure if I'll do much of any knitting this weekend. My sister e-mailed me at 7:30 this morning to let me know she was up and in the shower (baby sis has always been very slow to get her behind in gear in the mornings). I'm so stoked to hang out with them this weekend. I can't wait. I'm leaving here in an hour. w00t!

I'm not going to obsess all day about B having 2 wet accidents yesterday (first one right as I walked in the door at daycare and the second on the last braided rug my dead grandmother made, eucalan to the rescue). Poor guy's constipated and was a whiny mess all morning. I sure hope he goes on the potty when he finally lets go.


CygKnit said...

The beach ball is awesome! Way better than I could do.

Amy Lane said...

THat was a really awesome beach ball...