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Friday, August 17, 2007

a wee, tee-tiny bit of progress

15+ rows of 1/1 ribbing over 108 stitches. That's some progress, right? I'd so love to knit my fingers off this weekend so I could do the heel and foot on Monday and Tuesday. That's not wishful thinking is it? I'm home alone tonight (another JETS pre-season game), so if the dog behaves, I might be able to get quite a bit done after B goes to bed.
I was in such a horrible place last night. Just miserable. So much I was thinking about the big D, you know, depression. But, I cheered myself right up this morning. Lots of hugs and snuggles with the boy to try to get some perspective. I do not focus on the big picture enough. And the big picture is that he's a great kid who loves us and knows we love him.

I did have a nice chat with one of the leads for the older class. B adores her and is so excited she's been taking him into the big kid class the last few days, getting him ready for the "new school year." He had two accidents yesterday, one at nap (for which we don't ever blame him) and another one right after they'd tried to get him to go. So, we've been underscoring that if he wants to be in her class, he needs to use the potty every time. He's still doing a great job at home, except overnights, which goes without saying. That we can't worry about for a few more years, really. It's just nice to know that someone there is taking a real effort with him, at least during the "school day."

We've got a busy weekend. Like I said above, Hubby's got the Jets game tonight. Tomorrow we've got some Prime-A seats behind the Yankees on-deck circle for their game against Detroit. I'm not sure how many rows back, so don't worry about trying to see me on the TV (it's on FOX, though, in case you're interested). Then Sunday, Hubby's going to the Yankees again (he'd planned the outing with friends before F-i-L got the free tickets throug work) and B and I will meet him at the in-laws for my birthday dinner. I need to do some tidying tomorrow morning. M-i-L's going to Billy sit at our house so she doesn't have to keep him over night (game's at 3:55 and we wouldn't get back before bedtime).

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Amy Lane said...

Yay, B!!!! I'm so glad to see you're pulling out of the pee-pee funk!!! (That makes it so hard...)