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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

shapely sock

I got way more knitting done last night than expected. After I posted my good news to the blog, I had a lite beer and knit. I'm half done the foot (the heel was kitchenered on the train ride home).

I think one of the reasons I found the in-place after thought heel so fiddly last summer was because I used a stitch holder. Which sat in my way until the heel was well-established. Using scrap yarn, the held stitches just dangled out of the way and it was very easy to get the heel done.

Gosh I hope this thing fits. I'm not even going to think about "what if she doesn't like it." If she doesn't like it, I'll throw it in a dye pot and see what happens.

So, the morning started out well. Except for the constant thunder and lightning from 5 to 5:35. I waited it out before I got in the shower, it was just too intense. I was pretty freaked after my shower to hear a funnel cloud had been sighted. The good news was B woke up dry and excited to start another day of being a big boy.

We had breakfast and I smartly flicked on the news. 1 hr delays on the bus. Train it was. But we had delays there, too. No explanation as to why a 15 minute ride from Newark to NY took over a half an hour. Then, no subways. So, I took the Path and walked from Christopher street to my office. All in all a very sweaty 2 and a half hour commute. Some people out in Queens are still waiting for subway trains. I hope things improve before the evening rush.

I just don't understand why they MTA and the city do not have systems in place to keep the trains running. I know 3 inches in an hour is a lot of rain, but it happens at least once a year!

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