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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I did some sewing last night

I think I mentioned that I wanted to sew up some gift bags this week. Well, I sat down last night and did it. Two square-ish based on a lunchbag pattern I found online and one wine bottle that I winged. The square one on the bottom has M-i-l's CeCe in it and will be gifted tomorrow (as will the winebag). The other sqaure one will hold my sister's socks and will be gifted Saturday. I'm planning to make many more of these kinds of things. I hate the waste of wrapping gifts in paper and it's one way to use up my fabric stash that just keeps growing. I need to figure out different shapes and sizes for the square ones. CeCe is a small sweater, Mom's Freya won't be!
I did knit on the knee socks yesterday. I'm over half-way to the toe. I hope to finish it tonight.

How many nights in a row should B be dry before we try taking him out of the pull-ups again? He's still doing great on the potty when he's awake and has been dry the last four or so mornings.

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Andrea said...

Those bags look really nice, good job!