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Thursday, August 16, 2007

I got nothing

I ripped out the cast on last night. I got a seat on the subway and started the 1 x 1 ribbing. I got half-way through and realized I'd knitted when I should have purled and I had to tink back 27 stitches. I dropped the 13th stitch. Since I had used a long-tail cast-on, I had to rip the whole thing out. Which was easy. But, I haven't touched it since. Well, I guess taking it out of my bag to photograph this morning counts as touching it.

I didn't knit anything last night, so it's not like I have a project monogamy issue. After B went to bed, I read "A Good Yarn." I'm so not getting these socks done.

When I picked B up last night one of the chickies informed me that the teachers ask that B wear a pull-up at school. He'd been averaging 1 accident a day since mid-week last week, but had 2 yesterday, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Apparently, he's been doing that fun thing where he says he has to go to the bathroom, so you take him to the potty, and he sits there doing nothing, and then a short time later he pees in his pants. I think the straw that broke the camel's back was when he peed in the jungle gym yesterday afternoon.

I understand that it's inconvenient and unpleasant for them to have to clean up his urine. I don't enjoy it much myself. But, we're afraid putting him in a pull-up's going to set him back. So, this morning, we put him in his big-boy underwear (after repeatedly discussing with him last night and this morning that he has to stay dry or he'll be in a pull-up). I wrote a loooong note to his lead teacher explaining why he wasn't in a pull-up. Tomorrow, if he's had accidents, I'll have to wrestle him into one. I hate taking steps back like this.

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Susan said...

My little guy wears a pullup with regular underwear over it at daycare at times when they think he is likely to have an accident. He's just as proud that he's got the big boy pants on, but there's a bit of insurance for the teachers in case he has an accident.