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Friday, August 03, 2007

downhill to the ankle

I finished the calf increases last night. There were only 4 sets. Now, it's the downhill to the ankle. I need to double-check some previous notes that I think are buried in the wool side of the stash to confirm my sister's petite ankles. I know she's got wee feet. She often can't find ladies shoes she likes and will buy boys sandals and things (think camo with those cool LED lights). So, I might be decreasing 60 stitches over the next 8 inches. I did plan to have an inch or so of straight knitting at the ankle, so I can decrease more there if I need to.

In other news, B's still not peeing on the potty, but it's not a big deal at our house. Or it hasn't been the last couple of days. We are going to try him in big boy underwear tomorrow to see if it causes him to be more aware and more willing to pee on the potty. He was talking about bigboy underwear last night. I reminded him that he needs to pee on the potty everytime and to poop on the potty, too. We then talked about which of his friends are still in pull-ups and who's in undewear and that he can't be in pull-ups to be in Miss Judy's class.

He's been watching potty movies continuously at home. Here's hoping something sinks in.

I took Julie's comment to heart the other day. I'm not truly a bad mom. Bad moms don't have guilt about their own failings and bad behavior. But, three broken glasses in the dishwasher (I was a bit too demonstrative Monday night), do tell me that I need to do something about my anger. Fortunately, PMS has passed, so it will be a little easier the next couple of weeks. Unfortunately, I'm allergic to the meds marketed for Pre-Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder.


i-can-d.i.y said...

be careful of the PMS , it is seeriuos !

Happy knitting on that sock of yours and good luck with the potty training !!!!

it will sink in soon enuff !

Amy Lane said...

Lovely sock there!!! The Cave Troll was doing so well w/the potty thing, until we got BACK from vacation...they really do get upset when their routine has been violated, don't they? (He's all good, as long as we have him in his pull ups during the poo-poo hour...)